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TV Lineup Changes

Effective: February 7, 2018


  • Ch. 21 - CSPAN is now in HD
  • Ch. 93 - CSPAN2 is now in HD
  • Ch. 402 - CSPAN3 — in HD — has been added to our Digital Basic tier

TV Rate Increases

Effective: February 1, 2018

Dear LocalTel TV Subscribers,

We are committed to continually improving your TV viewing experience and giving you the very best entertainment possible. In the past year alone, we have added 15 new networks to our lineups and upgraded over 20 channels to crystal clear High Definition. We also understand that it's not just WHAT our customers want to watch, it's HOW they want to watch, that's important. It's with this mindset that we have unveiled cutting edge TV features like ReStart, CatchUp, unlimited cloud DVR, and several others that allow you to be in total control of your home entertainment experience. We see the costs associated with these improvements as worthwhile investments that ensure you have the award-winning quality of service you've come to expect from LocalTel.

As we continue to make these investments, the networks also increase their broadcast rates on an average of 5 to 50% each year and we have strived not to pass these on to our customers. Unfortunately this year, many of the network rate increases—especially those of the local stations—have been upwards of 300 to 400% higher than what they have been in the past, forcing LocalTel to adjust our prices.

When the local networks first began charging for their broadcasts a few years ago, that amount was relatively small but we felt it important that you could see exactly why your rates were increasing, so we added a Local Channel Programming Surcharge to account for these charges. Over the years, as the local networks continued to raise their rates, this surcharge has been adjusted to keep pace. After this year's increases, the current surcharge of $3.80 would need to more than double resulting in a fee disproportionate to its base price. To eliminate this confusion and simplify things, the surcharge will be rolled into the cable service charge.

Beginning February 1st, the following rates will take effect:

  • Basic Cable Service — $34.95 (increase of $6.20 from the previous $24.95 + $3.80 local surcharge)
  • Expanded Cable Service — $77.95 (increase of $11.20 from the previous $62.95 + $3.80 local surcharge)
  • Digital Basic Tier — $9.95 (increase of $2.00 from the previous $7.95)
  • Get It All Package — $80.95 (increase of $3.00 from the previous $77.95)

In the coming year, you can expect to see many more channels being upgraded to HD while we continue to add new and exciting networks to our lineups. Again, LocalTel is committed to remaining a cost competitive option for your cable TV and we appreciate your understanding.

Please call us at 888-8888, if you have any questions regarding this information.

Thank you,

LocalTel Communications Management