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Dear SkyFi customer,

Thank you for choosing LocalTel's SkyFi internet service! In order to provide some of the fastest internet speeds in the nation, our wireless service comes with a data usage threshold per month which is listed in your original service agreement. To ensure every customer can get the most from their SkyFi connection, on June 1st, 2021, LocalTel will begin offering customers two options for dealing with their data usage if the threshold is eclipsed.

Option one is designed for the casual/midlevel internet user and is perfect for those customers wanting to avoid any overage fees. This option simply lowers the internet connection to 3/1 Mbps, and while these slower speeds might not be ideal for video streaming, gaming, or large downloads, they still allow customers to send/receive emails as well as standard internet browsing. Once the month has concluded, the original internet speeds will return and the data usage threshold will reset. This option allows customers to stay connected without having to worry about accruing any additional charges or fees and will be the default option for all SkyFi customers unless they have opted to move to option two.

Option two is geared for those customers who rely heavily on their fast internet speeds and do not want to experience any slowdowns. It allows customers to continue to fully utilize their SkyFi plan's high speeds for the entire month, even after surpassing their data usage threshold, by charging a nominal fee of $0.20 per GB for overages that will be added to the following month's bill. For example, an overage of 50 GB in a month would result in $10.00 in overage fees on their July statement.

It's important to note that with option two, there is a chance that a customer's SkyFi bill will vary month to month based on their overage amount. If having a consistent monthly bill is key, please stay with option one.

If you have any questions regarding these options or if you would like to learn about possibly moving to unlimited fiber internet in your area, please call us during business hours at 509-888-8888 (or toll free at 1-800-992-2112) and ask to speak with our Customer Service or Billing team.

Thank you,

LocalTel Communications Management