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For your safety and convenience, we now require you to create a MyLocalTel account before paying your bill or signing up for autopay. If you do not already have an account, please click the Sign up button below. After your account is set up, you can log in and pay your bill.

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Email Password Update!

"Easy to remember " passwords are a real danger to everyone's security.

Dear LocalTel Customer,

We are strengthening the password requirements on ALL email accounts that use our email services. We have found that quite a few accounts have weak passwords that can allow them to be easily compromised and used to send spam, or for other malicious purposes.

How could my account be compromised?

The most common tactic is the "brute force" method. A third party uses a computer to try millions of combinations of email addresses and passwords, hoping to unlock an account with poor credentials. In the past, it was more difficult to use this method to compromise accounts, but modern systems are far more efficient than those days of old. Using little way of time or resources, an attacker can compromise dozens or hundreds of accounts at once, using both your account and our server to send thousands of spam or other malicious message types before they are detected.  Once the compromised accounts are shut down, the malicious third party just moves on to their next victim.

Why is this a problem?

Modern email systems rely on a number of technologies to try and protect you from receiving spam or other malicious messages.  One of the most important is the reputation of the sender.  When a mail server begins sending out spam messages, recipients of those spam messages can report the compromised server to blacklists and other third parties. This impacts the reputation of the compromised server, and can prevent legitimate messages from that server from being delivered.  This impacts everybody who uses this server.

What do I need to do?

You need to verify that your email password meets our requirements.  A good password will contain an element of randomization and will not be easily guessed.  It should include mixed case and at least one numeral. It should also not contain your email address, name, birth-date, kids names, or pets names.

For instance, if your email address is, JohnDoe1, JoeD12345, or John123Doe are not good passwords. 
A good password would look like this:  xfzFA9fhBk

Alternatively, a gibberish phrase containing mixed case and numerals would also be acceptable - such as Papa7BananaLingo49.  NOTE:  Please do not use this example password!

Passwords containing a single word that can be found dictionary (or reversed dictionary words) are NOT acceptable, as they can easily be used by a password-cracking algorithm.

For your information, our MINIMUM requirements for your email password are as follows:

The password must contain at LEAST 10 characters.
The password must contain upper and lower case characters.
The password must contain at LEAST one number.
The password must NOT be based on a simple dictionary word or reversed dictionary word.

To check and/or change your email password you will need to either log into your webmail and change the password there yourself (please allow 15 minutes after the password change for the change to take effect), OR to call our technical support department for a technicians help in changing your password.  (Please note there will also be a 15 minute delay for this change while the system updates the password.)  To reach our technical support department, you can call 509-888-5700.

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